Thirsty pachyderms fall into wells, rescued (Ganjam district, India)


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Bhanjanagar: Two elephants and as many calves fell into two wells in two separate villages under north Ghumusar forest division near Bhanjanagar Friday.

The pachyderms that had roamed into the villages while searching for water fell into the wells and were stuck there till noonwhen the forest officials came and rescued them.

Sources said a mother elephant and her calf roamed into Dubapalli village in search of water Thursday midnight. They fell into an open well and were trumpeting all through the night. The rescue work started early in the morning by the forest department. After six to seven hours of arduous efforts, the elephants could be helped out of the well.

No sooner did this operation finish than the news spread that another two elephants were in a half dug well at Sishulunda village. The rescue team rushed to that village and got the animals out of the well.

Locals allege that people dig wells and leave them without boundary walls or half dug with no fence resulting in stray animals getting into them.

Soaring heat has not only thrown the lives of human beings out of gear, but had posed a threat to wild animals as water bodies in the forest fast dry up.

No efforts are being made to resurrect the jungle ponds or streams. No alternative arrangements are also being made in the jungle. Animals are left to fend for themselves during the scorching heat.