Thirsty tuskers destroy cashew, mango groves (India, Odisha)



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The elephants, which have been living in deep forests, are now coming into near-by villages as they failed to find the drinking water in woods. A herd of elephants are roaming in Tittiri village of Kurupam mandal in Vizianagaram district. 

Eguva Gundam and Diguva Gundam villages are also under attack from elephants. The animals are damaging the crops in these areas. On Tuesday, the tuskers damaged a wall, which belongs to T Singanna of Diguvagundam village. 
The elephants have entered the Kurupam agency recently and damaged banana, tomato and sugarcane crops.
The local people said that the elephants had been trumpeting during night and they were not daring to go to the farms with the fear of the beasts. 
The elephants are searching for water as the streams and other pits become dry after rainy season. The elephants sneaked into the villages and destroyed cashew and mango groves here. 
After getting the information from the villagers, the forest authorities have been trying to send them back to the forest of Odisha.