Three arrested with elephant tusk in Migori (Kenya)


Manuel Odeny, The Star

Date Published

Three suspects have been arrested transporting an elephant tusk weighing 2kg in Ntimaru, Migori county.

Migori AP Commander Daniel Rukunga on Tuesday said the three were also in possession of five bullets.

“The suspects, one of them being a woman were part of the group carrying out poaching in Maasai Mara National Park and we nabbed them as they were trying to run off after a tip off by the public,” he said.

Rukunga said investigations are ongoing on how the three got the tusk and three bullets before they can be arraigned in court.

“The three suspects are held in Ntimaru police station as we conclude on investigations and have them arraigned in court,” he said.

There has been fear that organised criminal gangs who have been using the porous Kenya-Tanzania border in Migori county to smuggle bhang have turned into poaching.

Apart from Maasai Mara game park, Tanzania’s Serengeti Game Reserve have been targeted by poachers.

On April 30, President Uhuru oversaw the  burning of 120 tonnes  of ivory at Nairobi National Park, the largest stockpile to be destroyed at a go by any country.