Three jumbos die at Deogarh, probe begins (India)


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In quite a shocking incident, dead bodies of three elephants have been spotted at Asurakhol region of Prabhasuni Reserve Forest on Sunday, sources said.

While the reasons for the death of the jumbos are yet to be ascertained, such synchronous death of more than one pachyderm in a single area is very uncommon and quite suspicious.

On getting information, forest officials have reached the site and started investigations into the case. “The jumbos might have been poisoned by poachers while it is still unclear as we will carry out an autopsy on the elephants. Then only the detailed reasons of the death can be found out.” said a forest official.

 Detail investigations are going on and if there is any hint of poaching then we will carry out operations to nab the culprits, the official added.

It is to be noted that the forest areas of Deogarh have been seemingly turning into death traps. There days ago a female elephant had died while under treatment at Kapasira jungle after she was recovered with injuries.

Reports said a special team of Orissa University of Agricultural Technology (OUAT) was treating the sick jumbo for two days but failed to save her life as the animal breathed its last on Wednesday night.

Animal experts show concern over the issue as animals of such huge order keep dying due to poaching for tusks, hide, while loss of habitat, food, lessening of forest cover and human interference  could assigned to be few reasons behind the death of these massive creatures.