Three wild elephants die in Nilgiris forests (Udhagamandalam, India)


The Hindu

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Three wild elephants died within a span of 24 hours at the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve and Gudalur Forest Range on Sunday and Monday.

One of the elephants that died on Monday was a 25-year-old female and it died of an infection in its lower jaw. The animal was administered antibiotics by the forest department, but it was unable to consume food or water. It was found in an extremely weak condition at Kannampalli near Cherambadi in Gudalur on Sunday. Antibiotics, glucose and painkillers were administered to the elephant. Despite showing signs of improvement, it died on Monday morning.

A calf elephant was found dead inside the Kargudi forest range in the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve on Monday. Forest department officials said that it was hunted down by a tiger. The carcass was set on fire.

On Sunday, a female elephant believed to be around 30 years old was found dead in the Theppakadu Forest Range.

An autopsy revealed that it had died due to indigestion problem.