Tiffany & Co. raises US$10 million for our ECF and other wildlife organizations


Save the Elephants

Date Published

Alongside other wildlife organizations, our Elephant Crisis Fund is a proud recipient of funds from the Tiffany ‘Save The Wild’ collection, which has now raised more than US$10 million. Congratulations to Tiffany & Co. on this amazing milestone! The continued support and commitment from Tiffany & Co. has enabled us to fund organizations at the frontline of elephant conservation and further protect vulnerable populations of elephants across Africa. A heartfelt thank you also to Trish and David from Knot On My Planet who helped us link hands for elephants with Tiffany & Co. four years ago. The future of elephants depends on a coalition of support and we are proud to have Tiffany & Co. and Knot On My Planet as part of our elephant family.

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Images by Tiffany & Co