Time to Reflect


Desmond Matheri, Education Officer

Date Published

It is crunch time for the scholars of STE’s education programme. At the end of the final term about to begin they will sit their national secondary school examinations, competing for a chance to qualify for rare University slots. For now they are enjoying a last few days at home with their families.

On the academic front, many show improvements in their mid-year results. Phillip Kamari, a student in Form Two has shown enormous potential by topping in his Chemistry class and took second position overall in his class. The students in Form Two are at a point where they must make a choice between subjects that will partly determine the path that a student decides to take in her/his future career, and which particular public University programmes they may enter. We make sure they are given counsel and advice to help guide them towards realising their dreams.

The past term has been busy since the students in our schools participated in games, contests and festivals. The National Music & Drama Festival, for instance, took various on themes including Corruption Devolution, Kenya at 50, HIV and AIDS, Drug Abuse, National Cohesion and Integration, all of which were addressed through music and drama in English and Swahili. The 12 day event took place in Nakuru town. Such co-curricular activities complement academic programmes and provide a platform for students to develop their talents.

The finals of the Term Two National Ball Games also took place this August. The matches, which lasted a full week, included handball, soccer and volleyball, all of which are important for the development of our students in character and both mentally and physically.

In their letters, our students showed immense gratitude to their sponsors and to Save the Elephants for giving them an opportunity to go to school to study and interact with their fellow students from different backgrounds. Some have stated that they also view themselves as privileged to be from areas that are bountiful in wildlife and natural landscapes, and appreciate the value of the places where they come from.

In the year’s final term our scouts will be out seeking children in primary schools who qualify for the Scholarship programme. We travel far and wide, along and around the elephant migration corridors of the Northern region. It is our aim to encourage and inspire primary school students to work hard for the opportunity to be part of the elephant scholarship programme. We’d hope that all those reached by the programme will heed John Dewey’s words: ‘Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.’