Tracking Elephants along the Mt. Kenya Corridor


Save the Elephants

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A core motivation of collaring elephants in the Mount Kenya area is to see how elephants will respond to the opening of a newly fenced migration corridor, designed to provide safe passage to elephants who wish to move between Mount Kenya, Lewa, Borana and further north. Mountain Bull has moved between the two areas as many as 30 times in the past 5 years, crossing wheat fields and breaking boundary fences. Since collaring Mountain Bull in 2006, Save the Elephants has been monitoring seven elephants in the area and you can access all our past tracking reports from our (tracking center).

Save the Elephants is committed to sharing our tracking technology, developed over the last decade, in monitoring elephant movements in this vital mountain corridor and continues to partner with local stakeholders in the area .

On 1st January 2011, the first ever observation of elephants passing via a human-made underpass were recorded on the Mt. Kenya Corridor. The corridor was opened by the Mount Kenya Trust in November 2010 (click here to read news article). This is very encouraging news and evidence that elephants can indeed be trained to follow alternative migration routes after all.

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