Train hits jumbo in Sundargarh, sick elephant trapped in mud in Angul (Sundargarh District and Angul District, India)



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BHUBANESWAR/ROURKELA: A female elephant died after a passenger train hit it near Beheramunda in Sundargarh district late on Friday. The animal died on the spot. 

In another incident, an ailing elephant fell into mud in a paddy field near Deulijhar village in Angul district on Saturday.

Sources said 19 elephants reportedly entered Sundargarh forest division on Friday evening. 

A team of forest officials chased the elephant to keep them away from Lamlibahal, but the herd entered the village and damaged a couple of houses. 

Later the elephant herd got divided and nine of them moved towards the railway track. 
Eight of them crossed the track, whereas a six-year-old female elephant got hit by the Yesvantpur-Tata Express “Keeping the elephant movement in mind, we had requested the railway officials to control the speed of the train.”