Trained Elephants Deployed to Drive away Killer Tusker (India)


Express News Service

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BHUBANESWAR: The killer tusker of Jharkhand, which ran amok in Rasgovindpur area of Mayurbhanj district, will find its match soon. For, the Similipal Tiger Reserve (STR) authorities have sent in two kunki elephants to drive the marauding jumbo back to where it belonged.

Sobha and Mahendra, two elephants trained in Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary, have been sent on foot to Rasgovindpur where they will assist Forest officials in driving away the tusker which killed three villagers two days back.

The kunki elephants which were stationed at Gudgudia were first sent to Jashipur from where they were supposed to be transported. However, the two elephants did not get on to the truck. “Since the two did not go inside the vehicle, we decided against forcing them. Instead, we sent them on foot to Rasgovindpur,” Field Director of STR Anup Nayak said.

Though Rasgovindpur is about 140 km from Jashipur by road, the elephants are taking the jungle route which will halve the distance. Each kunki is accompanied by a mahout and an assistant.

Besides, there are other field staff accompanying the trained elephants. Nayak said the Forest officials are already trying to drive the tusker away but since it is taking shelter in the forest and not coming out, tracking it down has become a little difficult. The kunki elephants will help the field staff trace the tusker and drive it away.