Trapped male Asian elephant calf rescued, admitted to centre (Assam, India)


Subhamoy Bhattacharjee, IFAW News

Date Published

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A male Asian elephant calf, estimated to be just over a year old, had been wedged between rocks for 72 hours in the hilly Amsorli area before being rescued by frontline staff of the Assam Forest Department on May 8.
The calf was handed over to the Mobile Veterinary Services team of IFAW-WTI’s Wildlife Rescue Centre.

As forest officials from the Ouguri Range tried but were unable to locate the animal’s herd or mother, IFAW-WTI veterinarian Dr. Samshul Ali assessed its condition.

“As we reached the site, we found that the calf was injured, stressed and highly dehydrated,” Dr. Ali said. “Since the native herd had not been sighted, we decided to take the animal to the rescue centre for further care.”

The elephant calf is currently in fair health. It has been kept in isolation at the large animal nursery and is being stabilised through oral rehydration treatment and milk formula.