Treatment of injured elephant continues (Nilgiris District, India)


The Hindu

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Forest Department staff are continuing the treatment of 40-year-old female elephant that was found in the Sigur River in Singara Range on Wednesday.

Singara Forest Range Officer, Kanthan, said that a team of forest staff were monitoring the condition of the animal.

“We have given bananas, watermelons, and other fruits, but she refused to eat it,” said Mr. Kanthan.

Though she looked active, going without food and water was a a matter of concern, he said.

“Forest veterinarian, Vijayaraghavan, has done whatever possible for the animal, and we hope that it leaves the river and makes its way onto land, so that we can decide on our next course of action,” said the forest ranger.

K. Saravanakumar, Assistant Conservator of Forests, Nilgiris North Division, on Friday checked on the condition of the animal. He said that a mixture of salt and palmyra jaggery has been given to the elephant, which it seemed to consume. A natural ointment was applied to prevent flies from festering on the wounds of the animal.

Mr. Vijayaraghavan will return tomorrow and renew the treatment to the animal once again. “She seems she knows we want to help, and is being very cooperative, letting us get very close and not showing any visible signs of agitation,” said Mr. Saravanakumar.