Trees for hungry elephants (Thailand)


Terry Fredrickson, Bangkok Post

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Hungry elephants need good forests or else they will try to steal farmer’s crops to keep their stomachs full. Villagers in Kanchanaburi have found a way to plant forest trees quickly. 
Villagers near the Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary in Kanchanaburi Province often have problems with hungry elephants who enter their land and steal their crops. 
Seri Kongyu, the local village headman, thinks one way to stop this is to make sure elephants have enough to eat inside the sanctuary. 
That means planting thousands of new trees and he has ways of doing this very quickly. The first idea is to use a paraglider, so that seedlings can be sowed from the air.
Secondly, a group of young people are using slingshots to shoot the seedlings into the forest area. 
That sounds like fun, doesn’t it?