Tusker battling life for official negligence at Baratang (India)


The Echo of India

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In what could be another major loss for the UT Administration, a legally employed forest tusker is battling for life in the Middle Andaman region. Mattu served for more than 15 years in the Department of Environment and Forests, but when the  latest machinery claimed importance, official indifference started taking lead in our system. If sources are to be believed, Mattu was found in ‘Musth’ stage last month, but Veterinary doctors administered wrong medicines following which the elephant contracted serious infection.

According to information, Mattu was found in the ‘Musth’ stage last month after which the veterinarians administered some medications. From the January 26, the tusker developed serious infections on his male organ. As per the present condition, staff  of the Forest Department are trying their best to bring the elephant to normalcy. Tied with sacks and other unsterilized clothes, official apathy is evident . This apathy is under heavy criticism from the local population here, who have lived for years with our mammals.
Speaking to this correspondent, the Pradhan of Sundergarh Panchayat, Mr Biju Gurudasan again demanded proper care for the forest tuskers. “Such deficiency in care of our nature friends should not happen. I wish Mattu good health and his recovery as soon as possible. The government machinery should ensure proper care of friends without any laxity,” says Mr Gurudasan.