Tusker deaths haunt Angul, Dhenkalal (India)


The Statesman

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A six year old tusker died apparently due to electrocution in Angul. The young tusker was found in a forest near Jaganathpur village under Krushnachankragarh reserve forests on Sunday.

The tusker is feared to have died days ago as a decomposed body was discovered.

Detecting the body in the morning on Sunday, the local villagers informed the forest department authorities who rushed to the spot and sent the body for post mortem.

However, the forest officials refused to say anything on the cause of the death saying they are waiting for the post mortem report.

It may be noted that about two months ago another tusker died near the same spot due to electrocution.

Laying of live wire has been massive in this region for poaching wild boars. But forest department authorities seemed inept in checking the practice.

Meanwhile, in Dhenkanal district, as many as six elephants have died last year across the district and herds have damaged standing crops at many places.

DFO P K Sahoo informed that the state government has granted Rs.22 lakhs in first phase for Kapilash sanctuary last week as against a total budget proposal of Rs.98 lakhs for development works in Kapilash Sanctury area.

The work has started in the sanctuary which will protect elephants, other wild lives and will create infrastructure development, habitat development, he claimed.

Reliable sources said that over the last five years 62 elephants had died. Lack of personnel, failure to detect injured elephants early and non-existent treatment facilities are the feared causes.