Tusker electrocuted in Doors (India)


Pinak Prima Bhattacharya, Times of India

Date Published

An adult tusker was electrocuted at Duramari in Dhupguri block’s Moraghat range. The incident took place on Monday.

The elephant had raided a potato field near the village near Khuttimari forest. The field located at Kerani Para in Duramari belongs to one Dhwajen Adhikary, who had allegedly hooked power from high tension line and laid the open wire on the ground to prevent the jumbos from raiding , said a forest official.

The elephant died on the spot on coming in contact with the wire.

On Monday morning, villagers of Duramari saw the carcass of the elephant lying on the field electricutedwith electric wires on its trunk. Primarily Foresters are certain of electrocution. It was the villagers who informed the forest department about the incident. “The signs on the body indicated that the elephant died of electrocution. The department has lodged an FIR against the land owner,” honorary wildlife warden Seema Chowdhury said. Dhwajen is on the run from police.

Tapping of power from high tension wires and laying of electric traps for jumbos is a common practice in this part of the state, especially in Dooars and Terai. People living in the forest villages and on the fringe areas do this to stop elephants from sneaking into their habitat and paddy fields, especially during the time of harvesting.