Tusker electrocuted on electric fence (India)



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An adult tusker was killed at Dhoddamanehaada near Sholur on Thursday, after it came into contact with an illegally electrified fence inside a garlic field.
An autopsy was conducted by Forest Veterinarian N.S. Manoharan in the presence of members of the Nilgiri Wildlife and Environment Association (NWEA) and wildlife activists on Friday. The tusker, aged between 25 and 30 years, had died either on Wednesday night or during the wee hours of Thursday. Forest sources said that efforts had been made to conceal the evidence and added that appropriate action would be initiated against those responsible for the death of the elephant.
Meanwhile, conservationists regretted that of late death of wild animals particularly elephants due to electrocution was on the rise. Speaking to The Hindu they alleged that it was due to poor surveillance. People cultivating crops near forests are now emboldened to flout rules and electrify fences.

Urging the government to come down with a heavy hand on the culprits, NWEA Executive Committee Member K.Vijay said that the punishment should be made stringent.