Tusker Enters Factory, Gobbles Up Jaggery Sacks (India)


By Express News Service

Date Published
IDUKKI:  A wild elephant that strayed into a jaggery production unit in Marayur on Thursday night gobbled up jaggery sacks and bundles of sugarcanes.

The tusker that entered the unit owned by Somashekharan Nair of Saritha Bhavanam at Pattam Colony ate three sacks of jaggery and two bundles of sugarcane meant for the production of the famous Marayur jaggery.
The workers of the unit were fast asleep inside the unit when the pachyderm devoured the jaggery and the produce stocked inside the unit. It is learnt that at around 11.30 pm the tusker entered the unit and the workers continued to sleep being unaware of its presence. It was the neighbours who informed the owner of the unit over the phone about the jumbo entering the unit. The elephant, which left the scene, returned a few hours later. However, the local residents shooed it away to the forests.