Tusker found ailing in Deogarh jungle (Bhubaneswar, India)


Prameya News 7

Date Published

A tusker has been found ailing in a field near Asurakhola village
under the Prabhasuni reserve forest area in Deogarh district on
Tuesday morning.

Some villagers saw the male elephant sleeping in a debilitating
condition and informed the Forest Department. However, forest
officials and veterinary team were yet to reach the spot.

According to information, three pachyderms had died in the same area
due to illness two months back.

It may be noted that a few days back, a female elephant and her cub
were found dead at in Similipal National Park area under Mayurbhanj

While frequent cases of elephant deaths in Odisha jungles have made
animal lovers unhappy, it is demanded that the Forest Department
should undertake a special drive to ascertain reasons behind deaths of