Tusker raids terrorise Panbara residents (Nepal)


The Himalayan Times 

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Residents of Panbara in Dharan Sub-metropolitan City have been distraught due to the frequent invasion of wild elephants for the past four days.

The people of Panbari have been an agonised lot ever since wild elephants started entering their settlements and destroying houses and ruining the crops at night.

“Squatters in the area have been most affected due to the intrusion of the elephants,” said Bigyan Shakya, a local.

The beasts, this morning, damaged the cemented walls of Amrit BK’s house and the house of Jungarani Lawati in Ghopali Tole.

A house belonging to Dhrub Katuwal of Ukhubari Tole was damaged by tuskers yesterday. Likewise, on Monday, wild elephants had caused a house at Charpate Aahal to collapse, according to Krishna Limbu, local.

The tuskers have destroyed a large amount of grains, crops, fruits and vegetables at night. “After wild elephants started frequenting the settlement at night, we have started to keep vigil for security throughout the night by forming a joint team including the public and security personnel,” said Binod Bishwokarma.

According to locals, Panbara is the most tusker-affected area in the district.

Over a dozen persons have been killed in the past two decades in tusker attacks, informed ward member Hari Rai. The tuskers enter Nepal via Charkoshe Jhadi from the Indian side as well.