Tusker to turn into kumki soon (Coimbatore, India)


Prabhakar T, The New Indian Express

Date Published

The tusker that was captured at Madukkarai forest region is likely to
be named ‘Maharaj’ and N Prasad, the mahout of a deceased kumki
Nanjan, will be engaged in training and converting the newcomer into a
kumki at the Kozhi Kamudhi camp at Top Slip. The wild tusker reached
the camp, which houses 20 kumkis, around 2.30 pm on Sunday.

“The wild tusker will be converted into a kumki after three-month-long
training. As the jumbo looks too active, we think it will be easy for
us to train. As per the name suggested by the local public, we have
planned to name the tusker Maharaj,” said a forest ranger, who sought

“Recently, while training kumki Bharani at ATR, Prasad suffered
several injuries on his legs. Despite his injuries, he trained the
elephant, which is now one of the active kumkis in the camp,” sources

Prasad has 10 years of experience in handling the elephants. He joined
the department in 2006 as ‘Kavadi’ (assistant for mahout) and later
became a mahout. So far, he has trained three wild elephants in the
ATR and converted them into kumkis.

“Initially, the newcomer would be placed in the ‘kraal’ and trainers
would constantly talk to the new animal in our tribal language for the
animal to understand it,” said another mahout.