Tuskers demolish huts of displaced (Nepal)



Date Published
KANCHANPUR, SEP 17 – A herd of wild elephants demolished hut s in the camp of Shuklafanta Reserve displaced based in Dekhatbhuli Dhakka.
The rampaging tusker s entered the camp from Laljhadi adjacent to Shuklafanta Reserve and broke down half a dozen hut s. The wild beast also destroyed paddy and maize planted in four bighas of land.
Gopal Singh Dhami, a victim, said the herd of the tusker s had caused damages to their residence, crops and other utilities leaving them helpless.
The elephants dismantled the hut s of Dhan Bahadur Chaudhary, Baliram Chaudhary, Chandra Mahata, Hamshadevi Tamata and Dilip Singh Bista, among others.
More than 300 households have been residing in Dhakka camp for the past one decade after they were rendered displaced by Shuklafanta Reserve.