Tuskers destroy houses (Nepal)



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OKHALDHUNGA, FEB 15 – Local people in Katari, Udayapur, have been terrorised by wild elephants for the past couple of days.
They said the rampaging herd of five elephants that entered the settlement from Kalikhola forest in Katari-2 about a week ago has already destroyed four houses belonging to Kumar Sunuwar, Subash Bhujel, Bishal Sunuwar and Mangale Bhujel in Khasibas and another one belonging to Tej Bahadur Poudel in Chauphal. The tusker s also ate food grains stored in the houses, locals said.
“We are spending sleepless nights and are scared for their life,” local Rudra Bahadur Rai said, adding, the herd comprising three female and two calves also destroyed banana plantation of a dozen farmers in Katari-1 and 2. Locals said though they were troubled by wild elephants in the past as well, authorities have not yet implemented any measures to keep the animals away.