Tuskers destroy two houses in Siraha (Nepal)


Rastriya Samachar Samiti, Himalayan Times

Date Published

LAHAN: Two wild elephants destroyed two houses and ate up five quintals of paddy from a house after entering the human settlement at Dhangadhimai Municipality-13 in Siraha district on Monday night.

The elephants destroyed the houses of Dhanmaya Thapamagar and Kedar Gelal at Bhorleni village.

Thapamagar said that the elephants ate up five quintals of paddy stored in her house by destroying the wall of the house. Thapamagar said that she and her two kids, however, managed to escape the attack of the tuskers by hiding under a bed.

The locals chased away the tuskers to the east of the village by igniting fire after they inflicted loss in the village.