Tuskers Found Dead in Nagarahole, Bandipur (Mysuru, India)


R. Krishna Kumar, The Hindu

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A tusker, aged 35, was found shot dead in the Hunsur wildlife range of the Nagarahole National Park in Mysuru district on Saturday, while another tuskerwas found gored to death in Bandipur. The carcass of the tusker in Nagarahole was found close to Hoskere, and post-mortem indicated the bullet had pierced its left front forelimb and penetrated the lungs before getting embedded in the heart.

There were scratches and bruises on its back, and it was initially suspected to have died in a fight with another male, according to veterinarian Umashankar.

Nagarahole Park Director H.C. Kantharaj said it was not a case of poaching but of a conflict situation as they suspect a farmer to have opened fire during a crop raid.

In another incident, a 16 year-old tusker was found gored to death in Bandipur on Friday.

The elephant was involved in a fight with a bull elephant suspected to be in musth . There were traces of a fight in the vicinity.