Tuskers on rampage in Kanchanpur (Nepal)



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MAHENDRANAGAR: A group of wild elephants is on rampage in Kanchanpur, terrorising local people. In Chandani village development committee-7, the tuskers have so far damaged crops planted in around one bigha of land. 

According to the Dodhara area police office, the jumbos have destroyed crops belonging to Madan Saud, Gorakh Chand, Tul Bahadur Sunar, Kenu Chand, Dhan Bahadur Thapa and Gopal Sunar. 

It is suspected that the animals entered into the settlement from a wildlife sanctuary across the border. 

Locals and security personnel have been patrolling at night to chase the elephants, police informed. 

Reports suggest that human-animal conflict is increasing in the country and other parts of the world. 

This is mainly because of population explosion that forces humans to build settlements in hunting grounds of wild animals. 

In Sunsari, Chitwan, Jhapa and many other districts of the country, wild animals, including elephants, wreak havoc in villages every year. 

The tuskers attack and kill humans and destroy crops planted in hectares and hectares of land, causing losses worth millions. 

Efforts aimed at curbing tusker terror have not been that effective.


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