Tuskers on rampage in Udayapur (Nepal)


The Himalayan

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GAIGHAT: Rampaging wild elephants have terrorised villagers at Tapeswori in Udayapur. 

A herd of three tuskers from Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve strayed into the human settlement and demolished two houses at Tapeswori area two days ago. 

The villagers say they have to fight tusker rampage every few months. 

Around six months ago, wild elephants had destroyed crops and a dozen houses in the same place. 

Every year, the elephants cause loss of life and property. Former VDC chairperson Dilli Bimali said the elephants trampled at least two persons to death every year in the village until two years ago. “Tuskers continue to torment locals, mostly during harvest season,” Bimali added. 

In the wake of attacks, the locals have been staying awake the entire night by lighting bonfires to protect their property. “We have been staying awake at night for the past two days,” Kesav Koirala, a local, said. Locals bemoan that their pleas to the local administration and forest office to tame the tuskers had fallen on deaf ears.