Two Chinese Arrested at JKIA for Trafficking Illegal Wildlife Trophies (Kenya)


Nancy Agutu, the Star

Date Published

Two China nationals were arrested at the JKIA on Monday night for
allegedly trafficking assorted illegal wildlife trophies.

Yang Yu and Xu Miaohong were arrested by KWS officers from the Canine
Unit while on their way from Lagos in Nigeria to Guangzou.

Communications manager Paul Udoto said Yu was arrested for trafficking
one ivory bangle (0.06g).

Udoto said Miaohong was apprehended for having two pieces of raw
ivory, an ivory bangle and an ivory comb, all weighing 1.04kg, and
500g of pangolin scales.

He said in a statement on Tuesday that the two were booked at JKIA
police station.

The incident come days after three Chinese who were on transit from
DRC were arrested with ivory valued at Sh260,000.

The three male were checking out headed for China when they were
intercepted at the screening point.

They had ivory in form of bangles and lion teeth as necklaces. Police
noted it is illegal to own such trophies in Kenya.

The government issued a three-week amnesty for handing in all wildlife
trophies, ivory and rhino horn ahead of the biggest burn in April.

Environment CS Judi Wakhungu said anybody with items including
jewellery made from ivory should be surrendered to the nearest Kenya
Wildlife Service office.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, patron of the Giants Club summit comprising
Uganda, Gabon and Kenya, will preside over the destruction of 120
tonnes of ivory collected so far.