Two elephants spread terror in wildlife Kéran (Togo)


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Translated from French by an automated online translation service, so please excuse the roughness. See link for original. Thank you to Anne Dillon for both volunteering her time to find these French articles and doing the online translating.

It is not uncommon, on a daily basis, to meet at the bend of a trail or in the fields, wildlife populations around Togo fauna, mainly in the area bounded to shelter the Oti-Keran-Mandouri park. The vegetation is lush here, calling for a remote cohabitation between men and animals in the bush. Two elephants made an unfortunate visit to several villages in the Keran, resulting in a demolished barn and ripped beef.

On the night of August 7 to 8, two elephants crossed the forests of the neighboring prefecture of Dankpen to be in the Keran. Their journey was not complimentary, for as they passed by, food crops there were devastated. Small ruminants survived due to the agility of their movements.

The two elephants committed the worst damage in Pangouda, a village located 35 km northwest of the city of Wayne, where they destroyed an attic of sorghum. The people had to go sleep in the bush. The contents of the attic were estimated at four bags of 100 kg of sorghum, nearly a half ton belonging to the grower Tinasse Aladjou. The unfortunate man had stored his entire harvest of the past season.

An ox that was on the elephants’ way was gutted. They went through the villages of N’boratchika, Ossacre, before entering the Oti-Keran-Mandouri park.