Two more elephant tusks seized (India)


By Chetan R, Bangalore Mirror Bureau

Date Published

Two elephant tusks were seized by Bengaluru police on Wednesday in Varthur limits, taking the number of seized tusks in the city to six this year alone.

Police suspect that the two tusks measuring more than three feet each are from a recent killing or death (which has not been reported in forest records), and are interrogating the two men who were trying to sell it to get to the bottom of it.

The cops believe the tusks are from an adult elephant that may have been gunned down in the elephant corridor on the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border.

Poaching in the corridor has become a headache to wildlife sleuths. Since 2013, most tusk seizures have had their origin in the corridor, and this, sources said has called for a cross border joint strategy to prevent crime involving elephants in the border areas.

In June this year, two elephant tusks were seized from poachers from Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border. In February, two tusks, suspected to be from an elephant poached in the areas abutting Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary were seized from a person hailing from Kolathur.

The police have taken up a case under the provisions of Indian Wildlife Protection Act with elephant, protected under Schedule I of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act.

“We have started probe on the source of the two tusks weighing around 10 kg. The accused hail from Anekal and Hosur areas on Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border. They are not very fresh, and neither are they very old or antique. But it seems that they are from some elephant shot recently,” a source said.

While the accused have told police that they are from the same elephant, it is being verified if they are from same or different elephants. Police are also trying to find if the accused are connected to the Anchetty gang which is notorious for elephant poaching.