Two poachers arrested in Médouneu (Gabon)


SPY Ghana

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Mr Obiang NDONG Marcel and Mr Emanuel ALLONGIFOR who had been arrested for hunting of a fully protected species and illegal possession of ivory tusks last October by the Medouneu gendarmerie were ultimately judged last Tuesday.
NDONG OBIANG Marcel and ALLONGIFOR Emanuel were found guilty of the offense of hunting a fully protected species and illegal possession of ivory tusks. They were sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and a fine of 1,500,000 FCFA.
As a reminder, on October 28, 2014, Mr Obiang NDONG Marcel had killed an elephant within 500m of his plantation. According to him, the elephant had devastated many plantations in the Nkoualla village near Medouneu. After shooting the elephant, Mr Obiang NDONG Marcel went to the Medouneu gendarmerie to inform the police.
However, Mr Obiang Ndong Marcel had removed the tusks of the elephant and had sold them to Mr Emanuel ALLONGIFOR at a price of 300,000 FCFA. He had been arrested by the gendarmerie in possession of that ivory tips (2).
This is a network of well-organized ivory traffickers dismantled here thanks to the efforts of the gendarmerie in Medouneu involved in the increased poaching which gives a bad image to Gabon.