Two Tuskers Stray into Tangi Bazaar (India)


By Express News Service

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SALEPUR: Panic struck people of Tangi town after two tuskers strayed into the market area on Thursday. Locals ran helter-skelter to save their lives as the two elephants walked past the crowded market at around 11 am. However, the wild animals did not damage any property or attack anyone.
On being informed, the forest officials tried to chase the animals towards an open field nearby. In the process, the animals ran towards the Medical Square across the National Highway 5 leading to commotion among the passersby.
Communication was hit for around 45 minutes with heavy vehicles remaining stranded on both sides of the NH.  From the Tangi Medical Square, the tuskers moved towards Karanji village by crossing a canal road. In the evening, the tuskers were sighted in a mango orchard at Karanji.
Forest officials said the animals belonging to Kapilash Forest had been separated from their herd and strayed into Gobindpur after crossing the Highway near Chhatia on Thursday morning. Subsequently, the animals moved into Bainchua from where they crossed Kotasahi to enter the Tangi market via Tangi block square.
The East Coast Railway (ECoR) authorities had to temporarily cancel movement of trains on the Charbatia-Nirgundi railway route after receiving information from the forest officials about movement of the animals.
“So far, we have not received any report of property damage or attack on locals by the animals,” said Divisional Forest Officer Sudarshan Behera. Efforts are on to drive them back into the forest, the forest officer added.