Various Online Resources on Elephants, April 2014

Date Published
Gift to the Maasai Mara, a Male Elephant is Born
ElephantVoices, A Voice for Elephants, National Geographic
A New Lifeline for Malawi’s Animals in Distress
Lilongwe Wildlife Trust
KENYA: Where The Wild Things Were
Suzan Crane,
NRA and the Elephants
Daily Kos
Extinction of the Species? Notes from the Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee on Illegal Ivory
Richard Schrader’s Blog
Barbarians at Ivory’s Gate
Our Rhinos
Updates from Sri Lanka Elephants
Elephants Today Have No Place to Hide
Georja Umano, Huff Post Blog
Water for Elephants
Samburu Stories
Tourists get way too close to Kruger elephant… again
Africa Geographic
The Right Way to Protect Elephants
Elly Pepper’s Blog
Politics, Corruption and Greed destroying our wildlife!


Elephant King
Mayhem is about to break out in Namibia’s Etosha National Park. Join ecologist Caitlin O’Connell as she unlocks the secrets of this Namibian elephant society during their ferocious battle for alpha position. 46 minutes long.

Living with Giants, a 50-minute film on elephant conservation and management in India, which won Merit Awards for Narration and Conservation Message at the 28th International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula, MO, and was subsequently broadcast by Discovery Channel, is 10 years old now but the issues remain. Now online at:
Elephant Ecosystems – A short animation by Untamed Science and Trunks & Leaves Inc. about the importance of elephants and other wildlife for their ecosystems.  
‘No Hype’ NBA Cares, Nick Brandt, and WildAid 30s
The Wildlife Poaching Crisis in Africa: A Conversation with Jane Goodall
Sunday Live: Dr Richard Leakey Interview
Citizen News
A New Elephant Life
Hands Off Our Elephants Campaign
White Elephant Origami
Elephant expert shares calls, images from the wild
Let Elephants Be Elephants
Interview with EIA President Allan Thornton on Rakuten’s ivory sales

Chobe elephants use lodge plunge pool as waterhole
Africa Geographic
Drunk Elephants Stagger Around After Eating Fermented Marula Fruit
Daily Mail

?Supporting material for Elephant Ecosystems (see Video listed above) – Download the raw animation and transcript?? ? to translate into your language of choice.  Free for use for education and outreach.
?Asian Elephant Resource Center – A dedicated website compiling various tools, resources, publications etc. (most FREE) to inform and educate about the Asian elephants and their habitats. ??