Villagers cook up jumbo story to ‘trap’ forest officials (Karnataka, India)


The New Indian Express

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Mysuru: Farmers of Metikuppe village located on the fringes of Nagarahole forest were fed up with a herd of elephants raiding their crops for a week.Their repeated calls to the forest department to rein in the ruthless jumbos and get the crop compensation went unheard.

Disappointed, the farmers thought of doing something which will force the forest officials to visit the village. One of the farmers called up the forest office on Tuesday and informed that an elephant is stuck in slush, though nothing of that sort had happened. This rang alarm bells in the forest department and the officials rushed its RFO concerned and staff to the village.The villagers, who were waiting for the opportunity, gheraoed them and took them to task for ignoring their appeals to drive the jumbos into the woods.

Hearing the news, ACF Raghu rushed to the rescue of his subordinates and the angry villagers did not spare him too. Zilla Panchayat president Nayeema Sultana also joined the villagers.