Villagers seek capture of tusker in Bhavanisagar area (India)


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A day after a rogue elephant was trapped and translocated in
neighbouring Coimbatore district, residents of three villages in
Bhavanisagar forest area under Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve today
urged forest personnel to capture a wild tusker which has been
damaging crops in the region.

Kembiah, a villager of Karatchikorai village near Thengumarahata
forest area, submitted a petition on behalf of the villagers to the
forest department in this regard.

The petition said the single male elephant had been wandering in
Pungar, Annanagar, Karatchikorai and a few other areas and also
entered fertile lands causing damage to banana and sugarcane crops in
the region.

The villagers have failed in their attempt to scare away the elephant
by beating drums and waving burning torches, he said adding they were
unable to leave their homes after 7 pm due to fear of attack by the

They appealed to the forest department to capture the elephant with
the help of Kumki elephants as was done in Madukarai in Coimbatore.