Visiting Samburu for the first time!


by Nasrin Suleiman Local Intern

Date Published

I finally got the chance to visit STE research camp in Samburu and I must say I picked the perfect time to visit. I spent 3days there a couple of weeks back and it was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. The weather was amazing, due to the rains the entire area was covered in green and the tall grass carpeted with small pretty white flowers. I felt very at home and comfortable at the research camp mainly due to the welcoming and friendly staff, also the simplicity and unique location of the camp site provided a very relaxing atmosphere. Despite feeling like I was on vacation that was not the reason why I went to Samburu. I accompanied Vella (STE’s education officer) to get properly acquainted with the work that she does and what the education program is all about.

We started working immediately going around to different schools looking for bright and needy students to sponsor for our scholarship program. It wasn’t an easy task as most of the schools had closed for the Christmas holiday season; however, we managed to successfully interview some students. I had to cut my adventure short and returned to Nairobi while Vella continued with her important and interesting job.

I can’t begin to describe the mind-blowing experience I had the morning I was leaving to Nairobi. While on our way to me being dropped at the bus station we spotted a herd of elephants crossing the Ewaso Nyiro River in the reserve. We drove closer to the river bank and parked the vehicle right in the middle of several elephants and watched around 100 plus elephants play and cross the river…pure bliss!! What an amazing departing gift…