VRSA: Complaint leads to the seizure of 146 pieces of ivory (Portugal)


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Translated from the Portuguese by an automated online translation service, so please excuse the roughness. See link for the Portuguese original.

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A complaint through the SOS Ambiente Line, for selling to the public ivory parts in a store, led the Center for Environmental Protection (NPA) gnr tavira to seize, on the 13th, 146 pieces in ivory, in the municipality of Vila Real de Santo António.

The objects were seized under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Wild Species (CITES), which forbids the sale of ivory.

Faro Territorial Command adds that during the course of the police action, a 65-year-old man was identified.

Gnr, through its Nature and Environment Protection Service (SEPNA), has as daily concern the protection of animals, appealing to the denunciation of environmental situations.

For this purpose, the SOS Environment and Territory Line (808 200 520) may be used, permanently operating for the reporting of infractions or clarification of doubts.