Walk to save elephants, rhinos nearing end


Ojwang Joe

Date Published

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A walk to save elephants and rhinos in East Africa is soon coming to an end in Nairobi after the team arrived in the lakeside city of Kisumu on Tuesday.

The walk, a new initiative to protect elephants and rhinos and is being led by Jim Nyamu, the Executive Director of Elephant Neighbours Centre started in June this year in Nairobi.

Nyamu is out to raise awareness on elephants and rhino poaching and carry out education about environmental conservation.

“The East African walk is a great opportunity to reach out to different people in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda with the message “Ivory belongs to Elephants”, he said.

The walk started in Nairobi travelling through Kajiado County to Tanzania stopping off in Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Tanga, all the way to Bukoba before entering Uganda.

The aim of Nyamu’s walk through the three East African countries is to unite the three States to save the elephants from extinction.

He is speaking to communities along the route educating and changing perceptions as he progresses through to Nairobi, the finishing point of the walk.

“Elephants are not only endangered by poachers but are threatened by communities who need to be educated on how to deal with animals destroying crops in the human wildlife conflict, and humans destroying natural habitat as they develop infrastructure,” he said.

Nyamu arrived in Kisumu on Tuesday for a stopover while in the company of two Tanzanians and one Ugandan/Rwandese who has joined him in the walk to raise awareness on the two animal species.

With his supporters, Nyamu has chosen to walk approximately 3,200 km in 125 days averaging 7 km an hour, to bring awareness to the communities of East Africa concerning the plight of African elephants.

By the time his team arrived in Kisumu, Nyamu had travelled 107 days.