Watch the incredible rescue of two elephants who were washed out to sea (Sri Lanka)


Georgia Humphreys, The Independent

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See link for photo & video. 

Two elephants had to be rescued by the Sri Lankan Navy after they were washed out to sea.

In the second such rescue in a fortnight, after a lone elephant was found in a current five miles off the coast, navy divers used ropes and boats to save them from the water.

And footage of the two wild animals being brought back to shore has now been shared on YouTube.

A boat on routine sea patrol first noticed there were elephants in trouble, and the Department of Wildlife in Trincomalee was alerted before a combined rescue mission was launched by wildlife officials and the Navy.

It can’t have been easy for the navy divers, as the elephants were barely able to keep their trunks above water. The pair had to be towed to shallow waters before being released.

But the mission was a success – the animals had no injuries and were promptly released back into the jungle once ashore, the Sri Lankan Navy said in a statement.