West Bengal: Elephant dies after accidently falling into irrigation well (India)


Indrajit Kundu, India Today

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An elephant died after falling into an irrigation well in West Midnapore district of Bengal on Wednesday. The jumbo accidentally fell into the well at Muchiberia village in the district while fighting with another elephant from its herd.

Here’s what you need to know about the accident.

Three months back, around 70 elephants had made their way into the village from the nearby Mayurjharna elephant reserve.
On Tuesday evening, while the two elephants fought, one of them slipped into a well that had been dug for irrigation purpose.
The elephant cried for help the whole night but locals failed to rescue it and eventually the elephant died on Wednesday morning.
On Wednesday morning, the forest officials reached the spot and began task of recovering the body with the help of the local police.
After five hours of struggle the officers were able to recover the body of the elephant successfully.
Late last night, while the two elephants were fighting, one of them accidentally fell into the well.
Since it was quite late in the night, no one could inform the forest officials.
We are now trying to recover the body, said Anjan Kumar Bairy, a local panchayat member.