West Midnapore: Tusker turns violent, kills man (India)


Manogya Loiwal, India Today

Date Published

A herd of 70 elephants had entered the West Midnapore district in West Bengal three months ago and have since then been travelling in the entire region thus disrupting daily life of the villagers.

Today morning when Manmatha Koley, a resident of Gilabpani village in West Midnapore district went out of his house, he was hit by an elephant.

He was travelling by a cycle from the Asnasuli road to teach tuitions when his vision got blurred by the fog and he hit three elephants.

“He was travelling by his cycle to take tuitions when due to fog nothing was visible to him and hit three elephants. He died on spot, but we still took him to the hospital,” explained, Chitranjit Koyle, a relative of Manmatha.

These wild elephants have been attacking various villages in West Midnapore claiming around 19 lives already this year.

The incident also reveals the inefficiency of the forest officials and the rise in man and animal conflict in the district.