Who and How


by Toby Aisbitt

Date Published

Much of the time at camp has been spent continuing the analysis of the tracking collars efficiency and updating the elephant ID files. The work is progressing steadily but given the amount of data to assess and the number of elephants to update, it is far from complete. The collars used are revealed to be lasting for less time than they are marketed to do and, given their high price, it is imperative to work out the most efficient way to spend donated money. As such, Gilbert and the other intern, Sarah, have been dedicating most of their time to this

I on the other hand have been assigned the task of updating the ID files. This involves taking photos of the elephants from all angles so that they might be easily identified in the field. What we are left with looks not dissimilar from police mug shots (though I do not intend to leak them to the press if any of the elephants become famous).