Why you may see a life-sized elephant hologram on your commute (London)


Edd Dracott, The Press Association

Date Published

See link for photo & video.
A life-sized holographic African elephant has been spotted stomping around the streets of London.

The hologram was commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and is being taken on a tour of the capital’s landmarks to encourage people to sign a petition calling for an end to illegal wildlife crime.

According to the WWF, 90% of African elephants have been lost in the past century and currently 55 are killed every day due to poaching.

That number amounts to 20,000 elephants killed for their ivory each year and is higher than the species’ birth rate.

From October 8, the WWF’s holographic elephant will tour between St Paul’s Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament and Abbey Road before arriving at a fourth, as yet unannounced, destination on October 10.

The tour precedes the Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) conference in London between October 11 and 12 where world leaders will be discussing how to tackle wildlife crime.

The WWF is hoping to add to the more than 100,000 signatures they already have on their petition against the illegal wildlife trade before they present it to the conference.