Wild baby elephant found dead in highland national park (Vietnam)


Thanh Nien News

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Forest wardens at Yok Don National Park in Dak Lak Province have found the carcass of a wild elephant calf which possibly died after getting stuck in a muddy pond where its family had been searching for food.

It was found Monday afternoon, officials said, adding the calf was around a year old and weighed 150 kilograms.
Do Quang Tung, director of the park, said the calf might have been drinking water from the pond.
“When we found it, it had been dead for 4-5 days. There was no sign it had been attacked.”
There were footmarks around, possibly of other elephants trying to rescue the calf, he added.
In February another year-old elephant calf had been found dead in a pond in the province’s Elephant Conservation Center. The 200 kg animal reportedly died while trying to drink water from the pond and getting stuck.
The number of wild elephants in Vietnam has fallen from 2,000 in the 1980s to less than 100 now.
Dak Lak Province’s vast forests in the Central Highlands used have more than 550 of them in 1980.
But the number has shrunk to five herds with a total of 60-65 individuals.