Wild elephant census from Wednesday (Idukki, India)


Times of India

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As part of the national level wild elephant census, the Periyar Tiger Reserve and the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve will host an elephant census in the state. The census, to be conducted under the Wildlife Institute of India, will begin on November 30, Wednesday and conclude after six months.

For collecting the number of jumbos, the forest department will use dung decay method.

The Periyar Foundation will lead the census at Periyar Tiger Reserve and the Parambikulam Foundation at Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. The census will be conducted in the forests of Periyar, Shenthuruni, Munnar, Parambikulam, Silent Valley and Wayanad.

“Dung decay method is more reliable than the manual method. Many factors, including dung density, decay rate and defecation rate, will be applied through a formula. As part of the census, we will observe the movement of the elephants as well as the places they frequent,” said Manu Sathyan, Assistant Director, Periyar Tiger Reserve.