Wild elephant dies in Sherpur (Bangladesh)


SA Shahriar Milton, Dhaka Tribune

Date Published

Villagers of Panbar found a wild elephant dead in a field of the village near Jhinaigati border yesterday morning.

Locals said the villagers left their homes when a herd of 25 to 30 elephants entered the village from a hill and swooped on their crop lands at night.

In the morning, when the villagers returned, they found an elephant lying dead in the field.

Officials of the forest department, Bangladesh Border Guard, local administration and Jhinaigati police station visited the spot in the morning.

Md Ashraful Alam, officer of Taoakucha beat in Jhinaigati’s forest department, said it was a nine to ten years old male elephant, which was 14 to 15 feet long.

Officials of the forest department could not ascertain the cause behind the death, as no injury marks were found in the body of the elephant.

They guessed that the elephant might have died of any disease.

The body was buried in the field with the permission of the forest department.

A herd of 30 to 35 wild elephants has been continuing destroying the crop lands in Kangsha union of Jhinaigati and some adjacent areas in search of food for last two weeks, according to the locals.