Wild elephants destroy dozen houses in Bardiya (Nepal)


Katmandu Post

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A herd of wild elephants destroyed around a dozen houses in Balati and Baganaha of Babai Municipality in Bardiya district on Wednesday night.

Central Region Community Forest Balati Chairperson Dharma Raj Sharma informed the wild tuskers destroyed nine houses in Balati bordering Bardiya National Park. Three houses were also destroyed in Bargada of Baganaha in the district.

A Nepal Army team deployed for the security of the park fired over a dozen rounds in the air but the elephants did not budge and instead destroyed wheat farm in 10 bighas of land. Locals said the elephants entered the park only on Thursday morning.

People living in the surrounding area moved to safer places due to the tusker terror. They said the elephants were highly aggressive in nature and they have been forced to spend sleepless nights.