Wild elephants go on rampage in Valparai (India)


Deccan Chronicle

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Coimbatore: A herd of wild elephants strayed out of the forests and damaged houses at Cincona Estate in Valparai on Thursday. A few elephants, which got separated from their herd, had gone on a rampage, damaging houses located along the Lawson division around 12.30 am on Thursday. 
No one was living in those houses, the people having been shifted elsewhere as a precaution. On Tuesday, a herd of 19 elephants had strayed into Cincona Estate and damaged three houses, besides two in ETR Estate.
Irate locals ghearoed Valparai MLA M Arumugam, Tashildar Nehru and officials of the Forest Department, who visited the spot, seeking a permanent solution to the elephant menace.
They threatened to leave the estate if a permanent solution was not found to these recurrent elephant intrusions.
The district administration provided 10 kg of ration rice, groceries and a few litres of kerosene to the affected families on Thursday. Staff members of the Tamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited (TANTEA) took up the renovation of the damaged houses.
“Until these houses are repaired and put to use, the estate workers have been provided alternative accommodation. The Forest Department has been asked to step up the vigil to prevent,” said MLA Arumugam.