Wild elephants on rampage in Rayong (Thailand)


Jumphon Nikhomrak, Bangkok Post

Date Published

A herd of wild elephants from Khao Chamao mountain raided a plantation in Khao Chamao district on Monday night, rooting up pineapples and tearing down rubber trees.

Wanpen Kwannet, 40, a villager of Moo 2 village in tambon Khao Noy, said she was woken up late last night by the noise of wild elephants approaching her 80-rai plantation, but did not dare to go out to take a look.

Early this morning, she found the elephants had uprooted and eaten her pineapples and trampled rubber trees, causing extensive damage.

Mrs Wanpen said her plantation had frequently been raided by the elephants. She informed the village chief, but the only thing he did was taking pictures of the destruction.

Somboon Teerabundhitkul, wildlife conservation director of the 2nd Conservation Administration Office, said that after receiving a report on the elephant attack he ordered officials of the Khao Ang Ruenai wildlife protection area to investigate and provide assistance to the victim.