Wild jumbo injures six forest officials during tranquilisation (Athagarh, India)


Pragativadi News Service

Date Published

Tranquilisation of a wild jumbo proved to be a costly affair for some forest officials of Athagarh Forest Range with many of them getting bruised while trying to sooth the ailing pachyderm for its treatment.

As per sources, as many as six forest officials including the Range Officer were injured at Sukasana Forest while chasing an ailing elephant. They were trying to tranquilise the jumbo to treat its injured leg which has caught an infection and developed a sore.

The elephant has been suffering from the sore since last month after its leg caught a tyre leading to the infection. When the officials tried to shoot tranquilisers at the wild animal it aimed straight and happened to seize one of them. He was alleged of being trampled over by the irritated jumbo and was seriously injured.

As the injured persons have been admitted to hospital their condition is yet to be ascertained. While till now there is no information on the elephant.